The end of the year traditionally brings a time for revision, and the opportunity to look to the future. Due to many restrictions caused by corona-virus, the Blockchain Alliance Europe members have gathered on a meeting online to review operations in 2020 and set common goals and ambitions for 2021. The members have unanimously concluded that the organization will continue to focus on raising public awareness of blockchain and connecting with key stakeholders in the blockchain and business spheres to speed up technology adoption.

Blockchain Alliance Europe
3 min readDec 22, 2020

President of the Blockchain Alliance Tanja Bivic briefly summarized the key events and activities of this year, followed by a joint debate on the review of the work, the members’ expectations, and the way forward.

Decisions on plans are similar to those taken at the June Assembly when the members unanimously agreed to continue:

  • to grow our presence in such a way that we communicate the benefits to target groups, meaning we will address both the lay and professional public,
  • build our reputation by connecting with key stakeholders in the blockchain and business space,
  • present ourselves as credible consultants to state bodies, institutions and business public.

In many ways, 2020 has been a turning point for the economy, and our members certainly agree that more and more sectors recognized the need for digitalization for their future survival, resulting in a growing number of individuals, companies, and organizations that want to connect to receive relevant information on blockchain technology and implement it in various ways.

In this aspect, they also agreed they find it increasingly important to be actively involved in discussion with regulators and decision-makers. New technologies will be crucial in developing new digital infrastructure and finding new innovative ways to stay competitive after the crisis.

Members also believe that connecting with representatives of other industries is vital to increase the number of blockchain-related pilot projects. The time seems ripe, as Europe is also investing heavily in innovation. Therefore, Blockchain Alliance Europe members plan to find new partners to obtain further development funds through European tenders. If you are interested in this form of financing or have a project that would benefit in using blockchain, contact us and connect you with the most suitable representative of the blockchain industry.

To continue, one of the most important and visible projects of this year for Blockchain Alliance Europe is the Blockchain Business Network, which will be set up as an example of how to develop new forms of trust services on blockchain. With it, we aim to bring technology closer to use and make sense of its purpose, role and operation in society.

The year 2020 was unusual and full of challenges in many ways. But let us not forget that in every challenge lies an opportunity. That is why we wish you all a brave and prosperous 2021, in which your business will be able to reach for the stars without limitations!



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Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.